Ducktivities Home Decorations using Duck Tape

Simple Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Give your presents the personal touch with classic DIY wrapping!   IDEA 1 – Leaves Give your gifts an earthy look with Duck Tape® leaves and twine.   IDEA 2 –...

Honeycomb Vase Main

Duck Tape® Honeycomb Vase

You will need: Duck Tape® Scissors Plain vase Crafting board

Layered Artwork Main

Duck Tape® Layered Artwork

You will need: Duck Tape® Pen Paper Scissors or craft knife Canvas or poster board Crafting board

Heart Decor Main Shot

Duck Tape® Heart Décor

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Card • Wire • Scissors • String or twine

Wall Decal Main Shot

Duck Tape® Butterfly Wall Decals

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Card • Pen • Scissors • Craft knife • Strong magnets • Crafting board

Duck Tape Decorative Mirror

Duck Tape® Decorative Mirror

You will need: Duck Tape® Scissors Craft knife Ruler Pen Foam board or very thick cardboard Card 9 in. thin, lightweight mirror Double Sided Tape Crafting Board

Duck Tape Hanging Boxes

Duck Tape® Hanging Boxes

You will need: Duck Tape® Cardboard box(es) Scissors Pen Craft knife Card stock Crafting board

Duck Tape Decorative Cushion

Duck Tape® Decorative Cushion

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Cushion • Pen • Scissors • Craft knife • Thick card • Crafting board

Duck Tape Straw Frame

Duck Tape® Straw Photo Frame

You will need: Ducklings Mini Rolls – Assorted colours and patterns Straws Picture Frame Scissors Crafting Board

Duck Tape Dry Wipe Board

Duck Tape® Dry Wipe Board

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Scissors • Ruler • Pen • Dry Wipe Adhesive Board • Magnets (optional) • Crafting board