Duck Tape® Layered Artwork


Craft Time: Approx 1 hour

You will need:
Duck Tape®
Scissors or craft knife
Canvas or poster board
Crafting board

Step 1

Draw your picture on a piece of paper. If you need a reference, you can make 2 copies.

Step 2

Cover a poster board or canvas with your base colour using Duck Tape®.

Step 3

Cut out the bigger pieces of your picture first.

Step 4

Trace and cut out the first piece on a piece of Duck Tape® fabric (please see separate Ducktivity for how to do this.)

Step 5

Cut out any other pieces that will be your bottom layer for your artwork.

Step 6

Trace and cut out these pieces.

Step 7

Place your bottom layer down first on your canvas or poster board.

Step 8

Place your second layer on top of the piece you just made.

Step 9

Cut out the third layer pieces from your art.

Step 10

Place your next layer on top of the piece you just made.

Step 11

Repeat to add details for the eyes, water and any other extra details you want to add!