Ducktivities Craft Projects for Teens using Duck Tape

Smart Bow Tie Main

Duck Tape® Smart Bow Tie

You will need: Duck Tape® Hook and loop fastener Scissors Crafting board

Layered Artwork Main

Duck Tape® Layered Artwork

You will need: Duck Tape® Pen Paper Scissors or craft knife Canvas or poster board Crafting board

Woven Wallet Main Image

Duck Tape® Woven Wallet

This is not just any wallet; this is a woven Duck Tape® wallet!  Use any two patterns, colours or designs that you’d like to create this fun accessory.  The wallet...

Duck Tape Decorative Mirror

Duck Tape® Decorative Mirror

You will need: Duck Tape® Scissors Craft knife Ruler Pen Foam board or very thick cardboard Card 9 in. thin, lightweight mirror Double Sided Tape Crafting Board

Duck Tape Scalloped Bracelet

Duck Tape® Scalloped Bracelet

You will need: Duck Tape® x 3 assorted colours Scissors Craft knife Hook and loop fastener Crafting board

Duck Tape Straw Frame

Duck Tape® Straw Photo Frame

You will need: Ducklings Mini Rolls – Assorted colours and patterns Straws Picture Frame Scissors Crafting Board

Duck Tape Christmas Tree Ornament

Duck Tape® Christmas Tree Ornament

Supplies and Tools: • Duck Tape® • Scissors • Craft knife • Ruler • Pipe cleaner • Straw • Cardboard • Crafting board

Duck Tape Fabric sheet

Duck Tape® Fabric Sheet

Learning how to make Duck Tape® fabric sheet is a simple way to transform your Duck Tape® into a trendy accessory or piece of clothing. Here’s how to create your fabric...

Duck Tape Rose Headband

Duck Tape® Rose Headband

This is one of our favourite crafting projects to date. As you can see in the photograph, the results can be stunning! This is an intermediate level craft project and...

Owl Bag Ducktape Duck Colours

Duck Tape® Owl Bag

You will need: Duck Tape® Scissors Ruler Self-adhering hook and loop fastener Crafting board