Duck Tape® Dry Wipe Board


Craft Time: APPROX. 1 HOUR

You will need:
• Duck Tape®
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pen
• Dry Wipe Adhesive Board

• Magnets (optional)
• Crafting board


Step 1

Cut your dry wipe adhesive board to the desired size.

Step 2

Create a border by covering the bottom half and sides with Duck Tape®.

Step 3

To make a pocket make a Duck Tape® fabric sheet that is 11 in. wide and 5 in. long.

Step 4

For the pen holder make a double sided strip of tape that is 6 in. long.

Step 5

Place your strip on the pocket you made in step 3. Form small loops by placing a pen under your strip and laying a thin strip of tape on either side. Repeat this process to make more pen holders.

Step 6

Place your finished pocket from step 5 onto your board from step 2. Decorate and/or place magnets on the back to hang on your fridge.