Duck Tape® Decorative Cushion


Craft Time: 2 HOURE

You will need:

• Duck Tape®

• Cushion
• Pen
• Scissors
• Craft knife
• Thick card
• Crafting board

Step 1

Cover your cushion with Duck Tape® using a colour of your choice.

Step 2

Draw the shape of a petal on a piece of thick card.

Step 3

Cut out the petal. This will  be your template.

Step 4

Lay down a strip of Duck Tape® on your crafting board and trace around your stencil until you have enough to make your flower.

Step 5

Cut out your petals.

Step 6

Trace a circle for the centre of your flower on a piece of Duck Tape®.

Step 7

Cut out your circle.

Step 8

Begin placing your petals and circle on your cushion to create your design.

Step 9

Repeat steps  4-8 with different colours.