Duck Tape® Scalloped Bracelet


Craft Time:

You will need:

Duck Tape® x 3 assorted colours


Craft knife

Hook and loop fastener

Crafting board

Step 1

Make a double sided Duck Tape® strip that is 8 in. long.

Step 2

Cut out 15 squares of each colour Duck Tape® that are 1.5 in. long and 1.5 in. wide. You should have a total of 45 squares.

Step 3

Take each square, sticky side up, and fold the top right corner over so there is one eighth of an inch of sticky part showing around both edges.

Step 4

Fold the left top corner down so that there is only one eighth of an inch of your sticky side showing on the bottom. These will be the scallops for your bracelet.

Step 5

Repeat steps 3-4 so you have 45 scallops.

Step 6

Place one of your scallops on the top centre of your strip from step 1.

Step 7

Layer 2 more scallops on the left and right side of your strip. Create your own pattern with your Duck Tape®. Fold over the excess edges on the back of your bracelet.

Step 8

Flip the bracelet over and place a small strip of Duck Tape® on the back to clean up your top edge.

Step 9

Repeat steps 6-7 until you’ve covered the entire bracelet.

Step 10

Take another strip of Duck Tape® and clean up the bottom piece of your bracelet just like you did earlier.

Step 11

Flip your bracelet over and cover the back with an 8 in. strip of Duck Tape®.

Step 12

Add hook and loop fastener to both ends of your bracelet to secure it around your wrist.