Sometimes, your average tape just won’t do. Sometimes you need a tape with attitude. Maybe you have a craft that needs to be more colourful, or you want to add a little bit of a pattern to that DIY project. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got a tape to match. Our Duck Tape® patterns come in a wide variety of fun colours and styles, perfect for any creative project or home repair.

Simple Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Give your presents the personal touch with classic DIY wrapping!   IDEA 1 – Leaves Give your gifts an earthy look with Duck Tape® leaves and twine.   IDEA 2 –...

Honeycomb Vase Main

Duck Tape® Honeycomb Vase

You will need: Duck Tape® Scissors Plain vase Crafting board

Layered Artwork Main

Duck Tape® Layered Artwork

You will need: Duck Tape® Pen Paper Scissors or craft knife Canvas or poster board Crafting board

Heart Decor Main Shot

Duck Tape® Heart Décor

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Card • Wire • Scissors • String or twine

Wall Decal Main Shot

Duck Tape® Butterfly Wall Decals

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Card • Pen • Scissors • Craft knife • Strong magnets • Crafting board

Duck Tape Decorative Mirror

Duck Tape® Decorative Mirror

You will need: Duck Tape® Scissors Craft knife Ruler Pen Foam board or very thick cardboard Card 9 in. thin, lightweight mirror Double Sided Tape Crafting Board

Duck Tape Hanging Boxes

Duck Tape® Hanging Boxes

You will need: Duck Tape® Cardboard box(es) Scissors Pen Craft knife Card stock Crafting board

Duck Tape Decorative Cushion

Duck Tape® Decorative Cushion

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Cushion • Pen • Scissors • Craft knife • Thick card • Crafting board

Duck Tape Straw Frame

Duck Tape® Straw Photo Frame

You will need: Ducklings Mini Rolls – Assorted colours and patterns Straws Picture Frame Scissors Crafting Board

Duck Tape Dry Wipe Board

Duck Tape® Dry Wipe Board

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Scissors • Ruler • Pen • Dry Wipe Adhesive Board • Magnets (optional) • Crafting board