Sometimes, your average tape just won’t do. Sometimes you need a tape with attitude. Maybe you have a craft that needs to be more colourful, or you want to add a little bit of a pattern to that DIY project. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got a tape to match. Our Duck Tape® patterns come in a wide variety of fun colours and styles, perfect for any creative project or home repair.

Duck Tape Pumpkin Sweet Dispenser

Duck Tape® Pumpkin Sweet Dispenser

Supplies and Tools: • Duck Tape® • Box (to cover) • Scissors • Crafting board • Wrapped sweets

Duck Tape Spider Bracelet

Duck Tape® Spider Bracelet

Supplies and Tools Duck Tape® Scissors Craft knife Floral wire Hook and loop fastener Crafting board


Duck Tape® Witch’s Hat

Supplies and Tools Duck Tape® 2 Sheets of thick card Pen or marker Scissors or craft knife Crafting board

Duck Tape Poinsettia

Duck Tape® Poinsettia

You will need: Duck Tape® Floral wire Dowel rod Craft knife Flower pot Foam Crafting board

Duck Tape Calla Lily

Duck Tape® Calla Lily

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Scissors or craft knife • Floral wire • Wire cutters • Pen • Thick wire or dowel rod • Crafting board

Duck Tape Rounded Petal Rose

Duck Tape® Rounded Petal Rose

JUNE IS THE NATIONAL MONTH OF THE ROSE! How better to celebrate than to have a go at making these lovely roses from Duck Tape®? You can make a bouquet...

Duck Tape Daisy Pen

Duck Tape® Daisy

You will need: Duck Tape® Scissors Pen Florist wire Wire cutter

Duck Tape Straw Frame

Duck Tape® Straw Photo Frame

You will need: Ducklings Mini Rolls – Assorted colours and patterns Straws Picture Frame Scissors Crafting Board

Duck Tape Dry Wipe Board

Duck Tape® Dry Wipe Board

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Scissors • Ruler • Pen • Dry Wipe Adhesive Board • Magnets (optional) • Crafting board  

Duck Tape 3D Star

Duck Tape® 3D Star

You will need: • Duck Tape® • Scissors • Ruler • Pen • Craft knife • Card • Crafting board

Duck Tape Party Mask

Duck Tape® Party Mask

You will need: Duck Tape® Scissors Craft Knife Ruler Pen Crafting board Foam board or thick card Straw or dowel rod Floral wire

Duck Tape Santa Calendar

Duck Tape® Santa Calendar

You will need: Duck Tape® Scissors Craft knife Ruler Pen 8 in. foam ball Crafting board