Duck Tape® New Style Rose


Craft Time: Approx. 25 minutes

You will need:
Duck Tape®
Dowel rod
Crafting board

Step 1

Cut a square shape out of Duck Tape®.

Step 2

With the sticky side up, fold over one side so there is some stickiness showing on the side and bottom in an “L” shape.

Step 3

Take the other side and fold it over to make a triangle, leaving only the bottom of the strip sticky.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 so you have enough petals for your flower.

Step 5

Tightly roll one piece from step 3; this will be the centre of your flower.

Step 6

Wrap a petal around your centre.

Step 7

Repeat this until your flower is the size you want it. Add your flower to a dowel rod if desired.