Duck Tape® Father’s Day Card


Craft Time: 30 MINUTES

You will need:

Duck Tape®®
• Scissors or craft knife
• Ruler
• Thick Card
• Crafting board

Step 1

Cover a piece of card in Duck Tape®.

Step 2

Cut a pocket shape out of your card. Cover in Coloured Duck Tape®.

Step 3

Cut two triangles that are 2 in. tall and 2 in. wide. Cover in Coloured Duck Tape®.

Step 4

Stick the pocket and the shirt collar to the card that you covered in Duck Tape®.

Step 5

Lay a 5 in. piece of Duck Tape® on your cutting board and using a pen draw a tie shape. Cut out the tie shape using your crafting knife.

Step 6

Place your tie shape in the middle of the collar.

Use the pocket to add a gift card!