Duck Tape Cake Topper


Craft Time: 30 Minutes

You will need:
• Duck Tape®
• Scissors
• Twine or string
• Card
• 2 straws
• Crafting board

Step 1

Cut out your chosen letter or shape.

Step 2

Stick your letter or shape to card

Step 3

leaving the top part hanging over the edge.

Step 4

Cut out your letter or shape

Step 5

leaving the top part sticky.

Step 6

Attach your twine to the sticky part of your letter or shape.

Step 7

Flip your letter or shape over and stick a piece of tape on the back. Cut off the excess.

Step 8

Repeat these steps for the rest of your letters to form your word.

Step 9

Repeat these steps to create other shapes and pendants.

Step 10

Tie or attach your shapes and letters to straws and plant into your cake!