6 Duck Tape® Hacks For Parents


Craft Time: Various

Need some extra organisation during the busy school year? Explore these clever around-the-house Duck Tape® Hacks.

Hack #1 – Easy Corner Bookmark

Create easy-to-use Duck Tape® bookmarks that fit right on the corner of your kid’s books, and are perfect for home or school.

Hack #2 – Reinforce Folders and Books

Give folders and books extra strength, and style, with brightly coloured Duck Tape®. Get creative and coordinate colours and prints for different classes or kids.

Hack #3 – Fix Broken Crayons

Broken crayons got you down? Use colour Duck Tape® for a quick, on-the-go repair. Even better – wrap new crayons to prevent a break from even happening.

Hack #4 – Left and Right Shoe Stickers

Get a jumpstart on your busy mornings with Duck Tape stickers® that label left vs. right shoes for your kids.

Hack #5 – Marker Storage

Tired of throwing away dried up markers? Use printed Duck Tape® to keep markers and caps together for easy storage.

Hack #6 – Homework Organisation

Use leftover cardboard boxes and coffee tins from the kitchen to create a stylish homework station that everyone can use.