Duck Tape® vs. Duct Tape


Duck Tape® is the brand of tape that is featured on this website.

Duct tape is the generic product description for the type of tape used on this website.

Only duct tape that is distributed by ShurTech Brands, LLC and its subsidiaries, has the right to be called “DUCK TAPE®.” To ensure that you are getting the original DUCK® brand quality, make sure that you look out for the Trust E. Duck logo shown below.

Evolving from a resourceful repair on a roll to an imaginative crafting and fashion medium, Duck Tape® is now available in a vibrant assortments of colours and patterns that are perfect for crafting, personalising, trimming, embellishing and more….

So explore your creative side, using Duck Tape® Colours as a craft medium, and stick out from the crowd. If you get bored with one design, simply create a new one! It’s up to you and the sky is the limit.

Remember: – 1% inspiration. 99% Duck Tape™.